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composer, piano & organ player, co-founder of the legendary Greek band THE OLYMPIANS (60ties-70ties) Music studies and piano lessons at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki.The group got a golden record (50.000 sales) and a platinum record (100.000 sales) for the LP "Biggest hits of the Olympians"His most recent project of music is "Enthymion Thessalonikis" (2012) a documentary film for 100th universary of free Thessaloniki , an ERT3 production .See the video "Memories from Thessaloniki"below and you will hear a part of that music. 

1975-76 with Hammond and Leslie (amplifier with rotating loudspeakers)

                                                                       highlight composition from the movie film "Romantiko Semeioma" directed byTakis Kanellopoulos